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Our Guide To Becoming A LinkedIn Influencer

In this article, we discuss all the ways that you can start to monetize your LinkedIn profile by becoming a LinkedIn influencer.

1. Set clear goals

Becoming a LinkedIn influencer is not a goal in itself. It’s a way to build an audience and sell a product or a service. Building an audience on LinkedIn is useless if you have nothing to sell.

2. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

You don’t want to attract people with posts and then get them disappointed by your profile, so, start to optimize your LinkedIn profile. In order to do this you should:

Design an original picture and banner

Write a Simple and Clear Headline

Detail value proposition in the About section

Display social proof in the Featured section

Customize your LinkedIn URL

Optimize the Activity section

Detail job experiences and education

Once this has been done, you can start thinking about content.

3. Have a content strategy

If you want to make your personal brand stand out, you need to think about strategy. The best thing is to start with a niche, take a precise subject, and become the best expert on this topic. You can do this by:

Publishing tutorials and stories around the topic

Celebrate your victories with the audience

After this, you should start to see your followers count should start increasing

4. Activate Creator Mode

If you want to use LinkedIn influence to generate leads or traffic to your website, you really need to activate creator mode. Here you can showcase a link on your profile, display your number of followers and put your content forward on your profile. To activate creator mode, simply scroll down on your profile and click on “Creator mode”

5. Schedule posts

Being successful on LinkedIn means being consistent. You need to publish at least once a week and whatever your rhythm is, stick to it as this will help you remember to produce content.

Another good tip for when you are lacking some inspiration for content you can use a scheduling tool to program publications for next week. This will save so much time on those days that we will experience.

6. Reply to all comments

There are two huge advantages to replying to all comments. Firstly you build relationships with followers, and secondly, you increase the reach of your posts. The number of comments is taken into account by the LinkedIn algorithm to push your post into more LinkedIn feeds. So always remember, the more you get comments, the more your post gets impressions.

7. Always remember to engage with others' posts

If you consistently comment on other influencers’ posts on LinkedIn, there is a good chance they will give you back the favour and comment on your post as well. Remember, you can’t expect to have dozens of comments if you don’t interact with anyone on LinkedIn.

8. Expand your network

You should take action to expand your LinkedIn network as soon as you can. When you publish a new LinkedIn post, LinkedIn first shows it to your 1st-degree connections. Mathematically, the more 1st degree connections, the more you get chances to get likes and comments. If your 1st degree connections interact with the post, then LinkedIn will show it to their connections (your 2nd-degree connections).

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