• Laura

New Guide To Key Content Trends Amid Covid-19 Published By Linkedin

A new guide has been published by LinkedIn summarising how brands are responding to COVID-19 with tips on how to maximize connection with your audience during the crisis. It is an extensive 22-page guide so we thought it may be helpful to give an overview of some of the key points:

The platform reports that in general, they had seen a steady growth in overall user engagement, but that it has rocketed during the crisis. COVID-19 was the top trending hashtag as of March 2020 ranking over the usual top business hashtags of Marketing and Leadership.  The engagement with COVID-19 content in particular suggests businesses are looking for ways to best navigate the pandemic.  LinkedIn has suggested that in order for businesses to maintain and even grow content during this time, they should focus on 3 key areas:

1. Manage Employees Through Change:


  • Share how your organization is keeping culture at the forefront in times of uncertainty. 

  • Highlight how your employees are adjusting to the new normal 

  • Give insight into new virtual gatherings taking place within your organization


  • Share how employees are succeeding in the virtual workplace 

  • Thank employees for seamless digital collaboration

  • Unveil new tools that help your community work remotely


  • Surface online courses relevant to your organization or industry

  • Share educational industry reports and whitepapers

  • Conduct virtual training

2. Lead With Trust:


  • Connect with customers and employees in the comments of your posts

  • Be open about current challenges, but also celebrate how your brand is innovating during this time of uncertainty


  • Talk directly to prospects about challenging topics

  • Join the conversation with your customers

  • Understand the most pressing topics for your customers in order to shape your content

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