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Maximise Social Media Engagement With These 4 Simple Techniques!

Would you like to optimise your social media engagement?  If so then read on to discover our four individual techniques to help you do just that:

1. Content should be personalised as much as possible

Personalised content is King on social media.  Taking the time to post personalised content that your end-user will feel has been thought out will encourage engagement like nothing else! 

Some ways to personalise your content on social media for engagements may include:

  • Using polls 

  • Personalised hashtags

  • Creating giveaways with specific requirements to win

  • Celebrating holidays and special times of the year like birthdays

2. List and define your goals

A clearly defined goal is critical for any business strategy in social media or otherwise. So, get a pen and paper, or open a text app on a gadget, and start listing those goals.

The next stage is to really define the steps you need to take in order to achieve those goals within your social media engagement strategy! Perhaps you will want to start by asking followers for feedback by creating online polls, or perhaps you want to engage more with your TikTok audience by creating engaging video clips? 

3. Review Your Posts

It is not enough just to post non-stop.  You have to review each post and make sure that these posts are going to be engaging.  You also need to look back at old posts and assess their success.  Did a particular post achieve more likes or retweets?  If so then you have a blueprint for what works well.  Which posts were the least engaged with? Can you see a pattern in terms of when the most successful posts were posted, for example, weekends or evenings? Taking the time to review should really help with your ongoing social media engagement strategy.

4. Paid Ads

Those “sponsored” posts you see when scrolling a platform, are paid for ads hosted by individual social media platforms that basically act like billboard signs for your brand! They are an excellent way to engage and attract followers no matter how big or small your brand is. 

By incorporating these 4 techniques into your engagement strategy you should see significant improvements in your social media following over time.

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