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How to Use LinkedIn Stories To Engage Your Audience And Build Your Brand

It’s widely known that the more ways to share what you or your business is doing in a fun and engaging way, the better, right? Well, the good news is, that, as well as Facebook and Instagram developing their stories features, now LinkedIn is getting in on the act, with LinkedIn stories. Think of LinkedIn stories as another outlet to share your business challenges, accomplishments, and daily fun tasks.

Here are some of the basics you need to know about how to build your brand using this awesome feature:

  • The maximum length of time for a LinkedIn Story is 20 seconds.

  • The recommended sizes for adding photos from your camera roll are:


Resolution: 1080 (w) x 1920 (h) px

Frame: 30 FPS, square pixels

Supported file types: H264, MP4

Aspect Ratio: 9:16


Resolution: 1080 (w) x 1920 (h) px,

Supported file type: PNG, JPG

Aspect Ratio: 9:16

You can only add to your (or your organization’s) LinkedIn story from the mobile app. Just open the app, select your profile photo or your organization’s, and allow LinkedIn to access your camera and photos.

You can upload a photo from your library or snap a picture or video in real-time.

You can also add multiple photos or videos to your Story at a time. To view your story, or others’, just tap on the circular profile photos that appear at the top of the LinkedIn mobile app.

Now you know how to get started, now let’s talk about how to ensure you are producing engaging and authentic content using LinkedIn stories. Remember, you can be a little more fun here, rather than the usual formal format LinkedIn often takes.

Tag Users In Your Linkedin Story

This is a great opportunity to showcase your employees, clients, partners, and investors. At the moment you can only tag individuals, not companies, but remember, just like any other social media platform, users react best to human faces so this one is a fantastic way to really engage with your audience.

A Peek Behind The Curtain

Show your followers a little bit of your brand behind the scenes. Perhaps you could show your office on dress down day, or who is tasked with bringing in the cappuccinos for everyone that day! People love to see the human side of a brand or business and what it is really like to work

Share Bite-Sized Updates

While LinkedIn allows posts of up to 20 seconds, we suggest cutting that down into shorter, engaging pieces. Think about Stories like a flipbook. You want each page, or post, to tell a greater story, and each should build on the one before it.

Real-Time Updates

Are you hosting an event or taking part in a podcast perhaps? Maybe you are attending a really exciting meeting in a fun venue. Make sure whatever you are up to, you share in real-time with your followers.

Share Big News

Won an award? Or maybe you want to let your followers know about a member of the team getting a promotion, perhaps? Well, LinkedIn stories is the perfect place to do just that!

Get Creative And Embellish Your Story

LinkedIn includes stickers, emojis, locations, and more to post on your story. Don’t go overboard, but a few tastefully placed and relevant stickers can go a long way.

Post To “today’s Question”

By asking the question of the day to your followers, you will immediately see engagement. This is a really useful tool to also gain insight from their answers so in the future you can use it in order to better connect.

It’s really easy to gain insights into how your story is performing while it is live, via the mobile App. You can look at how many views it has gained, as well as any link clicks if you have included this in your story. You access these insights by opening your story and viewing it in the bottom corner.

One thing to remember is that to save a LinkedIn story, thus must be done within 24 hours. Simply tap on the More icon n the top right corner, and select the Download icon in that list. Choose the Trash icon to delete. There is no way to edit a story once it’s been posted, so bear this in mind.

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