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Five Ways To Optimise Your Social Media Posts During Lockdown

Covid-19 has changed the way the world works in a number of ways.  For businesses of all variety, you will have seen that traditional forms of advertising just aren’t cutting it anymore. As your customers are currently scrolling through their social feeds more than ever, it is so important to ensure your social media posts are as effective as they can be and that you can utilise this newfound increase in customer activity to your marketing advantage.  

Here are five ways to optimise your social media posts during lockdown:

1. Keep it authentic

This is the time to ditch those overly polished posts and replace with authentic homegrown content that customers can relate to.  Your audience wants to feel connected and as money is tight right now, they are not expecting professionally-designed graphics and studio-quality videos.  Give them ideas about the perfect pair of working from home pyjamas or how to start your day with good intentions or meditation for example.  It is all about keeping your content raw, real and relatable.  

2. Interact with your audience more than ever

With the whole of the nation (and most of the globe) stuck at home, people are craving interaction more than ever. Go live on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, or try out a Tik Tok challenge.  As well as producing more interactive content yourself, make sure you are engaging with your audience by commenting on their posts, or giving a shout out to a top customer for example.  Show them that you are as invested in their content as they are with yours. 

3. Re-evaluate where your customers actually are

You may have a core platform where you would normally post to your audience but in these unexpected times, you’ll likely see some shifts in the platforms customers are using.  Take some time to re-evaluate and seek out your customers so that you are not missing out on vital engagement opportunities. We know that people are using video chat apps like Zoom, Houseparty and TikTok more than ever so these could be good places to start your search.  

4. Promote wellness and good news stories

In a time of crisis, you need to be sharing good news stories and wellness ideas rather than trying to drive sales.  You need to think about the needs of your audience and post appropriate posts that will address their needs or concerns.  Be a force for good. You could share stories about your own brands fund-raising or services you may have offered for free during this time, or simply share messages of support.  Your customers want to see that you care, and are not just posting for the end game of profit.

5. Creativity is key

No brand, no matter what their scale, is able to still use the office or studio to create content. Therefore, it really doesn’t matter what production equipment you have or do not have, everything is being produced from home - literally.  This means you can really get creative with the things you are sharing online. Test out anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to try before but perhaps a set marketing plan has been in place to stop you? We mean using filters, GIFs, augmented reality, virtual reality and anything else you can think of it. Just be creative and let your ideas flow.

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