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6 Cool Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Most people who access the internet have a presence on the Facebook-owned social media platform, Instagram.  It is probably, the most used social app in the world right now and is the tool millions choose to share their images, videos and thoughts on with their hundreds, thousands or in some cases millions of followers.

With social media evolving daily, it is important that businesses keep up with the latest trends and features. In this article, we look at 5 of the most influential trends on Instagram right now and also how you can increase your followers quickly with a  very simple hack. 

If you are a business operating an Instagram presence, then it is, of course, a good idea to increase your followers so that more people get to see your products or services which should in turn help grow your business in terms of profile and revenue.  Here are the Instagram trends currently creating a buzz that businesses are using to raise their profile,  increase their followers and likes.


With the introduction of the IGTV feature, users can now upload a long-format video easily with the option of IGTV button.  Before there was a 1-minute time limit but now this trend has become a beacon of major updates and is explored widely as a way to increase the customer bases and followers of individuals and businesses.

2. Close Friends Sharing and Instagram Poll Stories

Both of these features allow for more interaction with your followers.  Close friends sharing has given people all over the world major reasons to share more stories as it allows people to share with close friends and family only. Businesses can use this feature to target and reward top customers by sending exclusive discounts “just for them” for example or perhaps by sending a thank you video to loyal customers. 

Instagram stories have also become more interactive with the introduction of polls and the “ask me anything” feature. Use these features in order to gain valuable insights from your followers.

3. New Filters with AR 

Augmented Reality has been a huge hit this year. You can use many of the already created AR filters to make fun posts your followers will love. Businesses can also create a custom AR filter to boost brand personality and of course likes! Any of your followers that use your custom AR filter will, in turn, be promoting your brand in their post. It seems to be a trend loved by all and some amazing content can be produced. 

4. Instagram Ads via Stories

Ads in between the stories of peoples followers can significantly increase the Instagram shopping and potential customer bases for those businesses who advertise in this way. You can use the stories to include links to your website, which will increase traffic and hopefully sales.

5. Sharing tweets on your newsfeed

Sharing posts containing the tweets of yourself or other people is a trend that has been going strong for some time and doesn’t seem to be drying up.  As it seems to be so popular, posts are getting lots of likes and are seen as engaging content.  

6. Buy followers from

One other way in which you can increase your followers is really quite simple.  You can buy them.  We are not talking fake followers, we are talking 100% real and active followers. This boost to your organic growth will save you time and is an investment that you really should consider. Fast-tracking your follower growth in this way will help you attract even more organic followers too - people like to follow accounts that have big numbers in terms of likes and follows!  Visit where you can increase your Instagram followers for as little as $40 per 1000 followers with a fast, safe and secure service.  Being social media experts, you can also buy followers and likes on all the other major social media platforms also.

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