• Laura

The 8 Best YouTube Video Types To Help Grow Your Channel

There are 3 different types of YouTube videos that, regardless of who is shooting them, will always perform well. These are Product Review Videos, How-to Videos and Vlogs. In this article, we expand upon this and look at a list of 8 video types that if produced correctly will really help grow your YouTube channel.

Before however, it’s worth mentioning that it is not just about the type of video you use as certain topics are more popular than others. So when creating content you need to consider tailoring your ideas around these topics:

  • Entertainment

  • Food

  • Gaming

  • Beauty and Fashion

  • Music

  • Sports

  • Science and Technology

  • Travel

Now that you are familiar with which kind of genres will perform the best, here are the most successful YouTube video types that will help you grow your subscriber count, views and watch hours!

1. Product Reviews

These are the number 1 most watched video type on YouTube. When filming a product review, make sure to research your product thoroughly. Reviewing a product that is popular among your target audience will gain you more views and subscribers – reviewing a product nobody has heard of will not. Also, by placing links in your video description, you can drive traffic from your channel to an affiliate landing page where you’ll often receive a percentage of whatever your subscribers buy.

2. Product or Merch Launch Videos

These types of videos are excellent for drumming up support for any upcoming product or merch launches, and will also help you gain more subscribers. Make sure you link to where the viewer can purchase so you are maximising sales too!

3. YouTube SEO videos

These kinds of videos can be really successful. You are basing the content on what people most search for on the platform. You will need to conduct the proper research and can utilise tools such as Keyword Tool, where you can type in keywords related to your channel and see similar phrases people are searching for on Youtube.

4. How-to Videos

These are videos where you will demonstrate how to use a specific product or perform a certain action. They can be very successful because they address a problem or a question that your viewer is experiencing and will solve it. For example, a video focusing on how to “start a successful YouTube channel in 2020” has gained 1.4 million views!!